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JoltzAED - The AED Reimagined
JoltzAED - The AED Reimagined
JoltzAED - The AED Reimagined
JoltzAED - The AED Reimagined
JoltzAED - The AED Reimagined
JoltzAED - The AED Reimagined
JoltzAED - The AED Reimagined

JoltzAED - The AED Reimagined

Expected Availability 1Q23

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Introducing The JoltzAED, the world's most portable and affordable Automated External Defibrillator

The all-new JoltzAED is nearly half the size, and a fraction of the weight, of the current leading AED devices on the market. It is hyper portable, rugged and easy enough for almost anyone to use, while still providing the full power and functionality that comes with a professional grade AED. The JoltzAED provides step-by-step voice commands, that can be set to speak in any of over 160 different languages, to help you safely respond to a suspected sudden cardiac arrest. SCA is responsible for more than 6 million deaths a year worldwide.

With its rugged, waterproof case and compact size, the JoltzAED is perfect for your home, squad car, office, EMS kit, boat, classroom, house of worship, etc. TheJoltzAPP is a smartphone application (iOS & Android) that pairs with your JoltzAED. The app makes setting up the AED a breeze, provides firmware upgrades and customizations to personal options such as spoken language and emergency number. During an emergency, when the JoltzAED is activated in the presence of a paired app, the two combine to place a call to emergency services and provide them with important information, such as GPS location and ECG updates*.

Features & Benefits:


Step-by-step voice commands guide the user through the entire process. No prior medical training is required.

Advanced Technology

A proprietary phone application for advanced user training and altering emergency services when the device is activated.*


Built to military specifications, The JoltzAED is rugged, waterproof, lightweight and smaller than other portable AED on the market.

Dressed for the Occasion

The JoltzAED is available in 3 case colors. The standard ORANGE lid provides high visibility in an emergency. The BLACK SWAT model comes in a completely black encasement for minimal visibility operations. The PAJAMA edition is covered by a military style camouflage design. All JoltzAED models contain the same internal components and functionalities.

Tech Specs:

  • JoltzPADS: Hydrogel KM10B electrodes with a 36" (91.4cm) cable, that remain connected, provide a ready use device and ongoing internal self check testing
  • Size: 7.65” x 5.11” x 2.5” (19.4x12.9x6.3 cm) Weight: 1Lb 15 Oz (0.88Kg)
  • Water Rating: Meets IEC529 class IP55
  • Drop rating: Meets IEC 60601-1:2012 § and IEC 60601-1- 11:2015 §10.1.3 (d)
  • Altitude rating: IEC 60601-1:2012 §5.3; EAP 0 -15,000ft (equivalent to 571mbar to 1013mbar)
  • Storage temp: -20°C to 45°C (-4 to 113°F
  • Use Temp: 0°Cto 45°C (32° to 113°F)
  • Biphasic truncated exponential Waveform
  • Impedance: 20-200 Ohms. Peak Current: 55.2A
  • Pulse Duration Range: 5.6-20ms
  • Delivered Energy: 150J.
  • Max cycle time: 40s (50s from power on)
  • Ultralife LMD Battery: 3 yr shelf. 20 shocks min.

*Advanced communication features function when a device is paired to a mobile device with an active internet connection. Device is able to perform medically related tasks with or without connection to a mobile device or network.

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