ResQR Device - 5 Pack
ResQR Device - 5 Pack
ResQR Device - 5 Pack
ResQR Device - 5 Pack

ResQR Device - 5 Pack

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Introducing the world's most comprehensive  CPR aid. Giving you confidence under pressure. 

The ResQR is a revolutionary tool, to aid in the administration of cardiac compressions,

reducing the risk of injury to both patient and rescuer, and bypassing some of the most common reasons that proper CPR is not administered, when it is needed.

Simple, effective solution for CPR anywhere.


Features & Benefits:

110 BPM Pacing

Metronome & LED light to ensure proper compression pacing

Reduce Delays with the included PPE sheet

Reduce delays to female patients by allowing the rescuer to protect the patients modesty. Also used as a PPE layer, when desired, for all patients.


Aids in proper positioning for increased efficacy of compressions and rescuer stamina, while lowering injury risk for both.